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USA - Import and Export

Latzer is your partner for international USA transports

Latzer Global Logistics is your logistics expert for transports from all over Europe to the USA and from the United States to all over Europe. Find out from us about transports to the metropolises such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco or even into the hinterland.

Of course, we also offer a door-to-door service to the United States of America. We organise the transport of your shipments between the seaports or airports and shippers or recipients by land.

This includes collection, packaging and land transport, handling at the port or airport, as well as the necessary customs clearance.

Whether air freight or sea freight - the USA is optimally connected to Europe. 

Short & sweet - Austria's foreign trade with the USA

According to the latest figures from the Chamber of Commerce, Austria exported around 9.30 billion euros to the USA in 2020 and imported around 5.26 billion euros from the United States in return. This means that the USA is still Austria's second most important goods export market.

Specifically, machinery worth EUR 2.3 billion (-17%) and motor vehicles worth EUR 1.2 billion (-16.2%) were exported to the USA in 2020. The beverage industry was even able to increase its exports to the USA by 5.8% with a value of EUR 1.04 bn.

For iron and crude steel, as well as iron and steel goods, there was a significant drop in demand in the USA: in both categories the export volume fell by more than 30% - the equivalent of around EUR 150 million. A sign that the punitive tariffs on steel and aluminium were having an impact here

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